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In the development ofCSC9000 ourselves, we do not forget to always fulfill our social responsibilities.
In terms of environmental protection, we make various efforts to identify, manage and, where possible, on an ongoing basis to reduce environment impact. And within the enterprise, employees at all levels are cultivated for a good environment sense of responsibility. Once In 1998 and twice in 2004, we invested a total of 4,200,000 RMB to introduce the advanced pollution control equipment and technology to build sewage treatment on 1,200 tons of sewage treatment centers, which made us to become the best environmental proctection enterprises in Danyang meeting the standards. In 2007, the company also invested 3,070,000 RMB to construct a system which can deal with the water recovery 1,000 tons a day. Danyang City Environmental Monitoring Station shows that on many occasions detection, water recovery system to deal with the deepening of the printing and dyeing chemicals in the waste water to be Oxygen (COD) has dropped to about 40 mg, reached the Taihu Lake Basin printing and dyeing enterprises discharge waste water COD per liter to 60 mg of the following pollution control standards ahead of time, determined by the Jiangsu Province from June 2008, became the first zero emissions of textile enterprises which 100 % in water reuse in Jiangsu Province. We were named the "environment-friendly enterprises." in 2007 by Jiangsu Province.
In order to offer colorful cultural life for workers, we build the library, Internet cafe, gym, Kala OK Office etc. entertainment facilities.
In philanthropy, the company donated a total of 300,000 RMB after the Si Chuang Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. Companies frequently participate in public welfare, building bridges and roads and support education, help families and staff who have the difficulty.
In the protection of the rights and interests of workers, company fully communicate with the workers unions to fulfill corresponding obligations.


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